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Feeding Therapy

Are meal times frustrating and difficult for your family? Check out how Feeding Therapy can help your child.

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At Pediatric Therapy Partners, we believe your child deserves the best. That includes the most comprehensive and advanced help available from compassionate experts in a safe environment. That is why we provide home-based services in and around the Fargo and Bismarck areas and also at our new state of the art pediatric therapy facilities.


4/10/2015 - Join us for Playgroup! We'll be playing at our Fargo clinic with the kids from Early Intervention Partners.

Staff Continuing Education

3/11/2015 - Tessa Belk, Chelsey Lawson, both Speech-Language Pathologists at Pediatric Therapy Partners in South Fargo, and Rochelle Dingmann and Megan Hauck,…

Staff Continuing Education

2/11/2015 - Michelle Mart, Linaya Miller, both Speech-Language Pathologists, and Barb Matthews a COTA from Pediatric Therapy Partners have attended a course…


03/11/2015: Rochelle Dingmann, an Occupational Therapist at Early Intervention Partners, attended and successfully completed the coursework for 'Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents: Recognizing and Treating the Emerging Epidemic'.  The course emphasized differentiating typical vs. atypical anxiety, identifying the source of threat, anxiety over a lifespan and the emerging interventions.  Rochelle is ready to implement the calming strategies she learned with her children that she sees at Early Intervention Partners.