Questions Parents Commonly Ask Us ...

Q: What is Pediatric Therapy Partners?

A: Pediatric Therapy Partners is a group of outpatient pediatric therapists (PT, OT, and Speech). We strongly believe that therapies should be provided in the child's natural environment (i.e. home visits, daycare visits, etc.) and by qualified providers in collaboration with each other, parents, and any other professionals involved.


Q: If I feel my child has delays or is struggling in a specific area (gross motor, fine-motor, self care, speech and language skills) what should I do?

A: Contact Pediatric Therapy Partners to determine if an assessment is warranted. If so, we will schedule an evaluation at a time and place that is convenient for both you and your child. If an evaluation is not warranted, we can discuss other interventions that may address your concerns more appropriately.


Q: Does my child need outpatient therapies even if they are currently receiving services through early intervention or the school system?

A: While these services are important, often times it is appropriate and beneficial to include medical based outpatient therapies as well. Our out-patient therapies can provide an increase in frequency and consistency of services as well as increased collaboration with other medical providers such as physicians, orthotics, neurologists, audiologists, etc.

Q: Will my insurance cover these services?

A: As members of the Heartland Independent Provider Network, we are providers for numerous insurance plans, including Medical Assistance. Most insurance plans have benefits for outpatient therapies (PT, OT, and Speech) that are based on medical necessity. Regardless of network affiliation, we will work with your insurance company to determine eligibility and level of coverage as well as bill them directly for our services. If there is no insurance coverage we will work with you to arrange payment options.