PTP and EIP Occupational Therapists Attend SOS Feeding Course

September 19, 2015

Occupational therapists from Pediatric Therapy Partners in Fargo and Early Intervention Partners completed a course on the SOS Approach to Feeding entitled “Picky Eaters vs. Problem Feeders.” Whitney Holman, Arica Strehlow, Emily Kunstleben, Barb Matthews, Kaitlynn Gottenborg, Cassandra Borlaug, and Megan Hauck learned unique strategies to implement the SOS Approach in therapy sessions for a variety of populations.

The therapists learned from nationally-recognized specialists Dr. Kay Toomey, Dr. Erin Sundseth Ross, and Bethany Kortsha major reasons why children will not eat and were provided with hands-on examples. Outlined were the developmental skills necessary in order to develop and maintain appropriate feeding skills, along with practice evaluating physical, behavioral, motor, oral-motor, and sensory factors involved in comprehensive feeding assessments.

Pediatric Therapy Partners and Early Intervention Partners’ therapists came back to the practice with treatment strategies for toddlers and children exhibiting various areas of need in feeding challenges.