Staff Continuing Education

December 18, 2014


Cassandra Borlaug, Brian Borchardt, Elizabeth Donahue, Sharon Drewlo, Kaitlynn Gottenborg and Barb Matthews from Pediatric Therapy Partners in South Fargo attended a course titled Oppositional, Defiant & Disruptive Children and Adolescents: Non-medication Approaches to the Most Challenging Behaviors on December 1st, 2014. They learned how to identify behavioral episodes that challenge therapists, educators, professionals and parents, how to identify strategies for dealing with behaviors and how to implement proactive strategies when a behavior arises. Borlaug has been with Pediatric Therapy Partners since 2013, Borchardt is one of the owners, Donahue since 2010, Drewlo since 2007, and Gottenborg and Matthews since 2013. 


Rachel Stoltman of Early Intervention Partners and Amanda Vanden Hoek, Michelle Mart, Rachel Olson, Janette Venaas-Gilbraith, and Tiffany Voigt of Pediatric Therapy Partners, both located in South Fargo, attended a course titled Practical Strategies For More Effective Diagnosing, Managing, and Treating Auditory Processing Disorder on December 3rd. The course covered the description of symptoms and causes of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), resources that are available for parents and other professionals, direct treatment options for APD, classroom and communications strategies for APD, and techniques for home-based programming.  Stoltman, Vanden Hoek, Mart, Olson, Venaas-Gilbraith and Voigt will all be able to use what they learned when working with patients. Stoltman has been with Early Intervention Partners since 2013, Vanden Hoek has been with Pediatric Therapy Partners since 2012, Mart since 2011, Olson since 2008, Venaas-Gilbraith is one of the owners, and Voigt since 2007.