Feeding Therapy

Are meal times frustrating and difficult for you and your family? Many children with feeding problems demonstrate difficulty drinking from a bottle or cup, eating solid foods, and/or gaining weight. They may gag, cough, choke, or avoid certain textures. The may also appear disinterested in eating.

Feeding Therapy is designed to help children improve their acceptance of new or undesired foods and improve their sensory and oral motor feeding skills. A qualified Occupational Therapist and/or/ a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist will complete a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s feeding skills. A team approach will be implemented to develop a fun and functional plan for the child and their family.

Goals of Feeding Therapy include:

  • Learning to have positive food experience and reduced anxieties surrounding foods
  • Increasing the variety of foods  and increase the volume consumed for improved nutrition
  • Improving strength, tone, and coordination of muscles needed for eating and drinking
  • Being able to enjoy meals as a family at home and/or at restaurants