Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration (SI) refers to the way the brain interprets information it receives from the senses and turns into an appropriate motor or behavioral response. Disorders within this system will often result in difficulties that are presented in a variety of ways including:

  • Seeking excessive movement or touch
  • Over or under sensitivity to sounds, touch, movement, and oral input
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Poor coordination and motor planning - may frequently appear to be clumsy
  • Difficulty with attention
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Difficulty with creative play

A trained Occupational Therapist will evaluate your child and collaborate with caregivers to develop an appropriate treatment plan to address your child's specific sensory needs. A therapist will help to create and utilize a fun and safe sensory-rich environment in which your child can explore a variety of sensory experiences. Specific treatment techniques and modalities will be based on specific needs of the child. 

The goal of the treatment plan will be to help your child better process sensory input. This will result in more appropriate motor and behavioral responses and an overall increase in function.

Pediatric Therapy Partners has a Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) Certified Occupational Therapist that is available to consult on all cases as well as to provide in-depth SIPT Evaluations.