Challenging Behaviors

We've all experienced challenging behaviors with our children. Throwing a tantrum when it's time to buckle into the car seat; overreacting every time you say 'no' to a favorite snack; constantly grabbing toys away from playmates.

If your family struggles with day-to-day activities or you dread your family's daily routine, Pediatric Therapy Partners can help.

Our pediatric experts provide a treatment approach that replaces bad habits with good to help children and families cope with difficult situations.

Areas addressed include:

- identifying behavior triggers

- anger management/ self-regulation

- problem solving skills

- building self esteem

- controlling emotions/emotional regulation

- physical boundaries

- healthy life balance

- parent education

- social skills

Challenging behavior is a set of identified difficulties and not a diagnosis. The goal of treatment is to identify and develop approaches for your child to increase appropriate behavioral responses and make those day- to- day activities run more smoothly for the whole family.